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Need for change? Make use of my expertise within coaching and therapy

Do you need coaching or therapy as regards your personal development? Your career? New tools and inspiration for coping with life? Do you need psychological guidance, coaching/therapy in order to find a better way of living for yourself, your spouse or your kids? I can assist you.

I have more than 25 years of experience within the human ressource and educational sector, and many years of experience within systemic and narrative coaching and therapy, also in relation to intercultural issues. I have been working as a human ressource coach, manager and partner for many years, e.g. within recruiting, teambuilding, leadership and talent programmes and a lot more. I have done a wide range of work and tasks across the globe, and I am a “people person” with great empathy. Not least, I am a well educated coach within attachment styles, trauma healing, mindfulness and meditation.

Having a need for a competent coach with a thorough knowledge about career development strategies or personal development? Whether it relates to living your dream of your abilities and ambitions, moving to a foreign culture, struggling with your past or your present, with your relationships, etc.

Whether you are an expat in Denmark, or staying somewhere abroad, I offer both physical and online sessions in my own home in Godthaab near Aalborg.

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Vibeke Bak Christensen

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